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Out of State is a boutique recruitment agency that specializes in bridging the gap between high school students and higher education organizations outside of their home state.

About Us

Out of State Recruiting is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fulcrum Sales and Marketing - a world-class sales and marketing firm that specializes in relationship building, concierge services, and recruiting.

Out of State’s Mission is to “educate students about the collegiate and academic opportunities that exist outside of their home state so that a bridge can be built to academic institutions that desire to deliver an impactful education and experience to those students.

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Case Study

14%+ increase in first-time, non-student-athlete freshmen recruited in just 6 weeks! - UL Lafayette | R1 University in Louisiana

For Students

Our young and vibrant recruiters get to know you - your interests, your desires, your dreams, your needs, and your style.

We then assess your information and point you in the right direction, guiding you to the right people at the right places and being with you along the way! We are your biggest fan!

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For Parents

You and your child is probably unaware of the various opportunities that exist at universities and colleges outside of your home state.

Getting a degree in-state is great and has tons of perks, but it’s not the only option that comes with massive benefits! Give your child access to the best opportunities out there.

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State Opportunities for your Child?

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For Higher Ed Leadership

University and College leadership agree that recruiting first-time freshmen from within their home state is much easier than recruiting non-student-athletes from outside of their state. Often times, higher ed organizations are offering incentives and specialized programming to attract these valuable students. Let us help you by leveraging our vibrant recruiting force!

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